Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations was founded by two very close friends: Moses Pava of Yeshiva University in New York, and Father Patrick Primeaux who was Chair of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at St. John’s University in New York. Together they edited the series for some years until Patrick’s unfortunate demise. Their statement of purpose was that, “the purpose of the series is to explore the central and unique role of organizational ethics in creating and sustaining a flourishing, pluralistic, free enterprise economy. The primary goal of the research studies published here is to examine how profit-seeking and not-for-profit organizations can be conceived and designed to satisfy legitimate human needs in an ethical and meaningful way”.

In pursuing that statement of purpose they devoted one volume to the, “crisis and opportunity in the professions” and as we know there is much interest in professional ethics. Another volume was “a symposium on health care ethics” which amongst other excellent papers contained one by Alice Gaudine and Linda Thorne titled “Ethical conflict in professionals: Nurses’ accounts of ethical conflict with organizations”. That paper has relevance to the recent Victorian nurses’ strike. Patrick and Moses established an editorial board with some of the most prominent international applied ethicists on it. They also attracted contributions to their publication from leading applied ethicists with outstanding academic reputations. The AAPAE has entered a partnership agreement with its publisher, Emerald, regarding the publication of Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations whereby it is published in association with the AAPAE. In doing so the AAPAE is indebted to both Moses Pava and Patrick Primeaux.

The agreement the AAPAE has allows the logo of the AAPAE to appear on the cover of Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations along with the designation “Published in Association with the AAPAE”. Furthermore, Emerald agrees to promote events run by the AAPAE on the publication homepage. In turn the AAPAE may include details of Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations on its website including a link to the Publication homepage

Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations provides a recognised publication outlet for selected AAPAE conference papers. Significantly, there is no obligation upon the AAPAE to purchase copies of Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations although members do receive a 30% discount to the list price if they choose to purchase it. Furthermore, members whose work is published in it receive a complimentary copy. Our agreement with Emerald regarding Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations presents a significant opportunity to the AAPAE and we are most fortunate to have it. It augments the AAPAE at no cost to the AAPAE.