Subsequent to last year’s successful introduction of a dedicated workshop for PhD students at the annual ABEN conference, we are pleased to hold a similar workshop at the 2015 ABEN Conference. In this session PhD participants will have an opportunity to meet with senior scholars, discuss their research and ask questions related to issues beyond their dissertation (such as managing the supervisory relationship, communicating ideas, how to find and work with co-authors, understanding reviewing and publishing processes). The workshop will also provide the students an opportunity to meet with other students undertaking research in the field of Business Ethics.

As part of the conference, this workshop will be held at a time outside of the presentations and other aspects of the conference. Attendees of the conference who are PhD students are encouraged to join this supportive workshop. Pre-registration for this workshop is required (on or before September 30th 2015) as the number of participants will be limited. A 500 word abstract submission covering the discussion point you would like to cover will be needed to best match you with a mentor. Please include the following:

  • Name, affiliation, and name of your supervisors;
  • Title of project;
  • Research question/s;
  • Theoretical approach/literature review (include significant references);
  • Method/methodology;
  • Expected contribution.

It is your choice as to whether you decide to focus mostly on a specific part of your current work, or whether you focus on your entire thesis. Please also indicate the stage that you are at with your thesis (i.e. whether the aforementioned details are planned or undertaken).

There is no cost to attend the PhD workshop if registered for the ABEN conference. Registration for the conference is $A300 (registering before 30 September) and $A380 (registering after 30 September) for salaried persons; and $A200 (before 30 September) and $A280 (after 30 September) for those who are non-salaried. For further information please visit the conference website or email [email protected].

To be held as part of the annual ABEN Conference: A Colloquy on Ethics

Sydney, 7th and 8th December 2015, Sydney, Australia

Supported by the University of Sydney Business School and the Business & Professional Ethics Group

Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] with any queries and to register for the PhD workshop.

Best regards from the ABEN 2015 Conference – PhD workshop organisers