The UNSW Bioethics and Medicine Society (BEAM) invites you to its upcoming event on the ethics of IVF.

Date: Monday 11th May 5:30-7:00pm
Location: Wallace Wurth Building Lower Ground 03
Address: 61-63 Botany St. Randwick NSW 2031

  • Prof. William Ledger - Head of O&G at the Royal Hospital for Women;

  • Dr. Debra Kennedy - Director of genetic services at IVF Australia;

  • Ms. Lucy Kemp - Professional Counsellor specialising in infertility and pregnancy-related anxiety and trauma

Infertility is increasingly common in the modern world, in both men and women. Technology is advancing so that IVF and artificial insemination are more accessible than ever – but at what cost? This event will not only examine the science of IVF, but also sociocultural aspects, and importantly, the ethics. Will we soon be able to design our babies? This event will provide an interesting look into the present and all-important future of IVF. Indemnity and insurance will also be tantamount to this event.

(A combined event with the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (O&G Soc).)

The AAPAE is proud to be a platinum supporter of BEAM.