The Australian Journal of Professional and Applied Ethics (AJPAE) is published twice yearly by the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (CAPPE) at Charles Sturt University. The AJPAE is the official journal of the AAPAE, and is the place where its conference proceedings have been published. The journal publishes high quality original papers in any area of professional and applied ethics, and it enjoys a solid ‗B‘ rank on the recent ERA rankings, favourably comparable to many reputable international journals.

However, as many readers of Australian Ethics would know, the journal has been irregular of late, with the 2008 and 2009 issues yet to appear. In response to this situation, substantial changes have been made over the last year to the administration of the journal. In particular, the AAPAE now plays a much more direct role in the management and editorial processes. Dr Anna Corbo Crehan has been appointed Managing Editor and she also joins the journal‘s Editorial Committee, alongside past editor Dr An drew Alexandra and Professor Igor Primoratz. As a Research Fellow with CAPPE and a member of the Executive Committee for the AAPAE, Anna was the ideal person to take over the role. (Many readers would know Anna from her terrific work in organizing last year‘s AAPAE conference in Goulburn.) The journal‘s new structure also involves a Management Committee with a dedicated position for an AAPAE representative.

The new arrangement, thanks to the diligent work of all involved, is bearing fruit. Readers will be pleased to be informed that both issues of Volume 10 (2008) are at the printery. Both issues of Volume 11 (2009), including the Proceedings from last years‘ AAPAE conference, are also in their final stages. With the more hands-on role played by the AAPAE, and a renewed focus of attention from CAPPE, it is expected the AJPAE will continue to build on its previous successes and substantial reputation.

As well as publishing the 2010 Conference proceedings, separate submissions to the AJPAE may be made to:

Managing Editor:

Dr Anna Corbo Crehan

School of Policing Studies
Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics
Charles Sturt University

Ph. 02 4824 2523 Email: